Rainbows For Kids Gala 2012

Join us for a wonderful evening supporting families of children with cancer, as well as celebrating all that has been accomplished in the way of cancer research with American Idol Top Twelve contestant Shannon Magrane.

Imagine a world without cancer, it would be great, wouldn't it? Unfortunately many children are not living carefree, fun lives--they are living their lives around doctor appointments, treatments, and medicine protocols.

Rainbows For Kids, a 501 (c)(3) charity helps families of children with cancer and other children with serious situations. We know how hard it is for these parents just to make it through the day so we plan fun events for the whole family so they can enjoy each other, and leave the cancer part to the doctors.

No matter how sick a child is, all kids just want to be like the other kids. They want to have fun and play. But sometimes their cancer makes them weak or creates other health situations that makes it impossible for them to play on a team or outside with the other kids.

That's where Rainbows For Kids comes in. We have a baseball team, complete with practices and a big "All-Star Game" where kids of all skill levels-- and their brothers and sisters-- can get outside and have a blast. Their parents are there and the many volunteers who give up their time are there in case the child has special needs.

One of the most popular ongoing activities is the "Mom's Party." In one room, we serve the mom a lovely lunch; offer them a glass of wine, and some entertainment. Then the fun begins. The room is full of spa services and all are free and available to these special ladies who go through so much in their daily lives. A woman with a sick child does everything for her children and often neglects herself. Getting a haircut, massage, manicure, paraffin hands, and eyebrow arch is just what she needs to feel good about herself and get rejuvenated to go out and do what she has to do.

Besides the many hospital parties and events sponsored for the children and their families, plus tickets to events and donations to cancer research; Rainbows For Kids supports Camp Rainbow, a free camp for children with cancer. The charity also supplies resource material such as the recently published, “Paint A Rainbow” to help families with a recently diagnosed child. It supplies helpful information and ways to cope with the situation. They also have “Hope For The ‘C’Word,” an award-winning motivational and informational DVD.

It is all done to provide the families with a positive outlook--something very important in their recovery. Will you help us help these families?