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Rainbows For Kids Gala 2015

Join us at Busch Stadium for our "All-Star Celebration of Baseball." Guests will be treated to a buffet dinner in the Redbird Club at the stadium. In a room that overlooks the field, they will watch an All-Star panel discuss the Cardinals and specifically the 1985 World Series team which is celebrating its 30th year Anniversary this year.

The manager that year, Whitey Herzog will talk it over with the two beat writers from that era: Rick Hummel from the Post-Dispatch, and Rob Rains of the Globe-Democrat, now with The panel will also include the voice of the Cardinals, John Rooney as the moderator. There will also be silent and live auctions, and pictures of the children from Rainbows for Kids-- who are the real All-Stars. Proceeds will help fund fun events for the families, including the highlight of the year: the "Rainbows for Kids All-Star Game."

Imagine a world without cancer, it would be great, wouldn't it? Unfortunately many children are not living carefree, fun lives. They are living their lives around doctor appointments, treatments, and medicine protocols. That's where Rainbows for Kids comes in. We can't cure cancer but we can help these families enjoy their lives more along the way.

Rainbows for Kids, a 501 (c)(3) charity helps families of children with cancer and other serious situations. We know how hard it is for these parents just to make it through the day sometimes so we plan fun events for the whole family so they can enjoy each other, and leave the cancer part to the doctors.

No matter how sick a child is, all kids just want to be like the other kids. They want to have fun and play. But sometimes their cancer makes them weak and creates other health situations that make it impossible for them to play on a team or outside with the other kids.

Our baseball team is complete with uniforms, practices, trophies, and a big "All-Star Game" where kids of all skill levels-- and their brothers and sisters-- can get on the baseball field and have a blast. We have kids in wheelchairs, some with walkers, one has a prosthetic leg, and one is legally blind- but none of that matters on the ballfield. They are "baseball players." Of course it's actually whiffle ball.

Their parents are there and the many volunteers who give up their time are there in case the child has special needs, but it's a time that's all about fun-- with Fredbird, Team Fredbird, a free ballpark concession stand, and many surprises for the kids.

Another of our most popular ongoing activies is the "Mom's Party." In one room, we serve the mom a lovely lunch; offer them a glass of wine, and some entertainment. Then the fun begins. The room is full of spa services and all are free and available to these special ladies who go through so much in their daily lives. But don't worry, she doesn't have to leave her sick child at home-- the kids are down the hall having a blast at a party of their own. A woman with a sick child does everything for her child and often neglects herself. Getting a harcut, massage, manicure, paraffin hands, and eyebrow arch is just what she needs to feel good about herself and get rejuvenated to go out and do what she has to do.

Rainbows for Kids was started in 2000 by the family of a brain tumor patient. It is an all-volunteer-run organization; no one gets paid-- all the money goes directly towards our mission.

Besides the many parties and events sponsored for the children and their families, plus tickets to events and donations to cancer research; Rainbows For Kids supports Camp Rainbow, a free camp for children with cancer. The charity also supplies resource material to help families with a recently diagnosed child.

It is all done to provide the families with a positive outlook--something very important in their recovery. Will you help us help these families?